Practical Obstacles to Practice

Continuing on the them of ‘Obstacles to Practice’, here are some tips for if you tend to fall asleep during your practice.

If you have difficultly staying awake then try keeping your eyes open and looking down the bridge of your nose or fixed on a point in front of you.
Sometimes if you move onto your side if lying down you are less prone to falling asleep.

Make an intention “I am going to meditate, I’m not going to fall asleep”.
Make time for your practice when you are not going to be tired, find the best time for you and stick to it. Usually getting up a bit earlier in the morning, when your mind is fresh and relatively uncluttered, can work well. We can be more prone to make excuses as to why we can’t fit our meditation in as the day progresses.

If you do fall asleep, allow tiredness to take over, sleep, then wake up and go back to your meditation. Don’t reproach yourself for falling asleep.
Sometimes we just need the rest! Keeping the room slightly cooler is also helpful.

After eating our bodies will naturally divert energy to our digestive system, and we are more prone to tiredness. So practice before eating.

Starting with some gentle exercise will not only wake our bodies up but also make us less prone to the distraction of stiffness and discomfort during our meditation session.

Author: Sally Tomkins

I am a fully qualified Mindfulness Meditation teacher offering tuition in Sussex and Surrey.

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