Welcome to my Mindfulness Meditation Blog

Hi there,

I have been a practising complementary therapist for 14 years now (it doesn’t seem that long!). What has become obvious during my years of practice is that you can’t separate the body and mind. They are an integrated whole, and to maintain your health you must take care of both.

The term ‘mindfulness’ has now entered everyday language and conversation, with a good deal of positive coverage in the press lately. I have started this blog to help people understand what is meant by the term ‘mindfulness’, what are its origins, and what is meant by mindfulness meditation.

My future blogs will aim to clarify what mindfulness meditation involves, how it can help you engage with and enjoy your life more, regardless of life’s inevitable ups and downs, update you with the latest research, and give you handy self-help tips and information.

I hope you enjoy my blogs, and that they lead you to join an ever increasing number who have discovered the benefits of mindfulness meditation for themselves.

Warm wishes,

Sally Tomkins

Head to Toe Healing

Author: Sally Tomkins

I am a fully qualified Mindfulness Meditation teacher offering tuition in Sussex and Surrey.

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